You think differently.

You're a creative entrepreneur on a mission, and your vision for a better society is too inspiring to ignore.
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I can help.
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Hello visionary.

I'm Kathryn Buford.

I help creative entrepreneurs and business leaders transform the world with Cultural Entrepreneurship.

Whether you're creating a new product to reduce pollution, an event series to mobilize support for refugees, or want to connect your creative passion in film or music to a larger cause, I work to develop brand strategies that scale your profits, promote tangible social change, and strengthen your relationships with your team and target audience.

I earned my PhD in Sociology and have more than 10 years of research and practice in the field of Cultural Entrepreneurship - creative business initiatives for social good.

Now, I combine my experiences in academia, art, business development and grassroots organizing to help visionaries like you push their brand and society forward.


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